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JTR Recovery: Personalized, Rapid Restoration Services in Marietta, GA, and the Atlanta Metro Area

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Welcome to JTR Recovery, your trusted partner in restoration services, nestled in the heart of Marietta, GA, and the Atlanta Metro area. As a family-owned venture with a rich 18-year history, we pride ourselves on offering personalized, swift solutions to your urgent needs. Our array of services spans from water mitigation & remediation, mold testing/mold remediation, fire, smoke, & soot remediation, emergency services, property restoration, and commercial restoration all tailored to meet both residential and commercial requirements. We do more than mend properties; we rebuild the peace and safety of your homes and businesses, ensuring a personal touch with every project.

Our journey began in the dynamic world of construction, where, from 2012 to 2019, we honed our skills with a small, yet ambitious company. Starting with roofing, we expanded into large-scale renovations, particularly in the Carolinas, transforming apartment complexes and embracing new challenges. The pivotal moment came in 2018 with Hurricane Michael, catapulting us into the forefront of disaster response. Leading a dedicated team, we managed significant insurance claim projects, directly liaising with community leaders and marking a successful era with multi-million-dollar commercial and residential projects.

This wealth of experience ignited the spark for us, focusing on the niche of insurance-based restoration. With a heart set on aiding those in crisis, we embarked on a mission to not only restore structures but to mend the very essence of affected communities and individuals. Our philosophy is rooted in speed-to-recovery, ensuring rapid, compassionate, and efficient responses to disasters. We aim to halt the damage swiftly, preserving the integrity and spirit of every space we touch.

At JTR Recovery, we understand that each project is a story of resilience and recovery. We’re not just restoring buildings; we’re crafting narratives of hope, resilience, and rejuvenation. Our dedication to innovation, integrity, and excellence propels us to redefine disaster restoration, making us more than a service provider—we’re your ally in adversity, committed to transforming despair into renewal.

Join us, where we’re not just about the quick fix but about nurturing the human spirit through every restoration journey. Let’s rebuild, renew, and restore together.

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water damage in a commercial property
Water Mitigation and Remediation

Facing water damage in Marietta, GA? Our water mitigation and remediation services are here to turn that around. We quickly remove standing water, precisely assess the damage, and ensure thorough drying. Our advanced tools like moisture meters and thermal imaging guarantee a dry and restored space. Let us bring your property back to life.

mold testing
Mold Testing / Mold Remediation

Discovering mold in your space? Our mold testing and remediation services are your answer. We excel in identifying and addressing mold issues, using containment and air scrubbing to create a healthy environment. Rely on us for effective mold solutions and enjoy a mold-free space.

fire damage
Fire, Smoke, and Soot Remediation

Overwhelmed by fire damage? Our comprehensive fire, smoke, and soot remediation services in Marietta, GA, are here to ease your burden. From in-depth inspections to smoke and soot removal, our team is dedicated to cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring your property. We're your partner in turning fire damage around.

emergency service
Emergency Services

When emergencies happen, our 24-48 hour response ensures you're not alone. Our emergency services tackle urgent issues like water damage swiftly. Count on us for fast, effective emergency restoration, getting your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

property restoration
Property Restoration

Need total property restoration? From minor repairs to full rebuilds, we've got it all. Our skilled team works on restoring walls, floors, and more, ensuring your residential or commercial space looks and feels as good as new.

commercial space restoration service

Managing a commercial space with restoration needs? Our range of commercial services, including water, fire, and mold restoration, are designed to minimize business disruption. With our experienced team and top-notch equipment, we restore commercial properties efficiently, offering property managers and realtors peace of mind.